Introducing the Green River Festival Kidway!

The Kidway is our newly expanded family entertainment area where you’ll find fun activities for the entire family. Festival entry is FREE for kids 12 and under, and all ages are welcome in the Kidway where you’ll find…

The Art Garden

The Art Garden’s tent and barn are filled with free, open-ended activities for festival-goers to create, explore, play, and make art!  Art Garden volunteers have spent weeks preparing repurposed materials for creative reuse, including thousands of cardboard creatures for people to paint and carry in the Green River Parade. Activities are designed to encourage people to learn from and inspire each other, and installation pieces encourage creative community interactions. No matter your age, ability, or experience, the Art Garden’s tent has something for you to enjoy!

The Round House Stage

Join us for late morning and early afternoon performances on Saturday and Sunday on the Round House Stage featuring…

CactusHead Puppets Presents: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Green River Festival 2024

The town of Hamelin has a rat problem, and there’s only one person who can help! CactusHead Puppets brings the story of The Pied Piper to life in this comedic, updated adaptation of the traditional folktale. Not only does the town find a musical solution to pest control, but the kids of Hamelin also teach the grownups a lesson about generosity. In the end, the townspeople all come together in celebration. Join puppeteers John and Megan Regan as they present this classic tale, told with multiple puppetry styles, and plenty of dancing rats!

Little Roots

Green River Festival 2024

Little Roots founders Annie Lynch and Maggie Shar create joyful musical experiences from early childhood onward with songs that are intentionally enjoyable for the entire family. Recognizing the value of quality live, interactive music for people of all ages they select and write songs rooted in a variety of folk music traditions.

Carrie Ferguson and The Grumpytime Club Band

Green River Festival 2024

The Grumpytime Club Band is a red and gold family music party band including kid musicians and costumed dancers. Featuring a shifting pallet of horn, violin, guitar, keys, bass, drums, and harmonies, their music is highly danceable and truly fun for all ages, highlighting themes of inclusivity, social justice, Earth stewardship and LGBTQ youth/family pride.

In The Nick of Time

Green River Festival 2024

In The Nick of Time has been making music for children and the adults who love them for 25 years. Husband and Wife team Nick and Tracey Deysher deliver high energy performances that get people of all ages up and moving.

The Kidway Stage

Find our newest family entertainment area next to the Art Garden that will feature performances from…

Henry The Juggler

Green River Festival 2024

Henry the Juggler is wanted by audiences everywhere for his zany attempts to defy the laws of gravity. He juggles any number of balls, clubs, rings and he balances strange items on the tip of his nose. Everything is accomplished wordlessly as Henry uses body language (and road signs!) to express himself.

Magician Jonas Cain

Jonas Cain’s #POSITIVITY Magic Show features fascinating magic, interactive comedy, and even a yellow ukulele! Every moment in the show is designed to equally make you smile, wonder, and reflect on how the experience can inspire more joy in your everyday life.

The Green River Festival Parade

This year, the parade will be led by Philadelphia’s beloved seven-piece band Snacktime, who blaze a path cut from their soul, funk, punk, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B influences. The parade will also feature puppets from Muzen Theater, who celebrate enlightenment, community and creative activism through large and small scale theater events. Meet us at the Art Garden at 6pm on Saturday night to join the parade!